Past Members & Long Serving Members

Where are they now?

Since this Web site was established we have received contact from a number of past members, through e-mails, and Guestbook entries, including some which no longer live in the Sydney metropolitan area.

These past members express an interest in finding out "What happened to their GHSRA colleagues of past seasons?"

Dates of GHSRA membership are approximate. Breaks in membership are not shown. For corrections, additional biographical information and or information about other Past Members please contact our Registrar .




Anderson, Stuart (GHFRA c1970-2007)
Rejoined GHSRA in 1995 after a long break. Refereed with GHFRA until 2007. Primary school principal.

Antrum, Peter (GHFRA 1990-1994)
Development Officer, Parramatta Power NSL Club.



Bancroft, Graeme (GHFRA 1976+)
President of GHSRA 2001-2. Has retired from active refereeing but remains involved as an Inspector. Awarded Australian Sports Medal in 2000 for services to cricket (Pennant Hills CC)

Beaumont, Ron (GHFRA 1970+)
Life Member GHFRA. Remains involved as GHFRA delegate to NSWSR, NSWSR Secretary, member of NSW Soccer Referees Commission and Appointments Officer NSWSF. Retired from active Refereeing, and acts as an Inspector

Bray, Jenny (GHFRA 1986+)
President of GHFRA 1999-2000. FIFA Referee 1995-1997. Primary School teacher. Advisor to Acting National Referees Coach on matters pertaining to female referees.

Bruce, Ken (GHFRA 1981-2008)
Refereed with GHFRA until 2008.



Catts, Ray (GHFRA 1981+)
Remains a GHSRA Member. Retired from active refereeing but inspects most weekends.

Cirino, Alfio (GHFRA 1991-1994)
Playing AA with Putney in GHSRA. Previously played NSW State League with Ryde City (Div 1) and Holy Cross (Div 3, 4, & 5)



Davies, Tim (GHFRA late 1980s)
Retired FIFA referee who joined GHSRA's ranks in the late 1980's

Dedich, Branko (GHFRA 1984-1992)
Remains a GHSRA Member. Retired from active refereeing but inspects most weekends.

Dodd, Graham (GHFRA 1978-1991)
Still living in area. Sons (Toby & Tim) also refereed with GHFRA.

Dunkerley, David (GHFRA 1986-1999)
Still living in area. Has a nephew (Owen) and niece (Kerensa) who are GHFRA members.



Eyre, Tony (GHFRA 1982+)
Remains a GHSRA Member. Retired from active refereeing but inspects most weekends.



Fleming, Bob (GHFRA 1960s-1995)
Is actively involved in Putney Tennyson Bowling Club. He was involved with the inspections of Referees until the mid 1990's.

Forrest, Jim (GHFRA 1976-1999)
Associate Professor Human Geography, Macquarie University. President of NSW Amateur Soccer Federation. His son Tom remains an active member.

Forrest, Tom (GHFRA 1984+)
Remains an active member with GHSRA. Work has prevented him from pursuing Refereeing at higher levels.



Gibbons, Terry (GHFRA 1984+)
Remains a GHFRA Member, although referees mostly Juniors as he plays Over 35 with Gladesville Ravens in GHFA.




Hafey, Phil (GHFRA 1970-2000)
Living in Nepean area. Has held a number of Referee positions including NSW State Coach, and editor of Referee Australia. No longer refereeing. High school Music teacher.

Herbert, Charlie (GHFRA 1988-1998)(Died September, 1998)
Charlie joinedthe association with his son Jason Herbert and was an active participant in the management of the association. He was minute secretary, member of the Technical Committee, Appointments Committee and was a regular inspector of junior referees. We will always remember Charlie fondly as being the only soccer referee that we know of, to make headline in the local press for "stiff arming" a soccer player with his snappy signals for free kicks.

Herbert, Jason (GHFRA 1987-1994)
Police Officer

Ho, Edmund (GHFRA 1989)
He is Quality Assurance manager of a toxicology laboratory and is about to complete his Master degree in Operations. His hobby is restoration of old Holden cars and is currently working on an old FE station wagon. Now residing in Randwick, NSW.

Ho, Kevin (GHFRA 1987-1991)
Kevin Ho was runner up cadet of the year in 1990 He was a member for 4 years and left during his HSC year. He joined Dural Bush Fire Brigade when his familymoved to Dural in 1992. He is currently a Deputy Captain as well as treasurer of the Brigade and was involved in the 1994 and recent Christmas 2001 bushfires. Kevin is a Project Engineer with Rail Infrastructure Corporation.

Ho, Tony (GHFRA 1981+)
GHFRA Life Member. President 1995-1998. Remains anactive Referee with GHSRA, also a member of NSWSR Inspectors Panel. Hon Auditor NSW Soccer Referees



Ings, Richard (GHFRA late 1970s)
Former professional tennis umpire on the ATP Tour, including 175 professional tennis tournaments and 2000 tennis matches in 32 countries in 1980s and 1990s. More recently playing All Age with Beecroft in GHSRA.





King, Stan (1995-2001) (Died May, 2001)
Also President of Oakhill Soccer Club.



Law, John (1965-1966)
CEO Down Under Trade Group, solicitor and barrister. Played for many seasons in GHFA including junior games for St Andrews against future FIFA referee Richard Lorenc (West Ryde Rovers)

Lewer, Robert (GHFRA 1976+)
GHSRA Life Member, GHFRA Branch Coach (1991-Feb 2002). No longer refereeing actively. Daughter Sheree was also a GHFRA member.

Lockrey, Stewart (c1980-1990)
Current FIFA Assistant Referee

Lorenc, Richard (c1965+)
Rejoined GHFRA in 2001 after a long absence, refereeing Premier League. Has remained to live locally. FIFA Referee including World Cup 1990 (Italy), World Youth Cup 1987 (Chile), 1993 (Australia). School teacher. Feb 2005 he was appointed National Referees' Manager at FFA.

Lyster, Bernie (1984-2012) Died 2012 
GHFRA Life Member, GHFRA Appointments Committee member, Registrar. Remained  an active in GHFRA management until he passed away in 2012.

Lyster, Murray (1984-2000)
Still lives locally. Playing All Age with West Pennant Hills in GHFA.



MacGregor, Karen (1984+)
GHFRA Secretary 2001+. No longer actively refereeing but inspects. High schoolteacher.

MacKenzie, Howard (1982+)
Remains a GHFRA member, and still referees.

McConnell, John (Senior) (1976+)
Remains GHFRA Senior VicePresident and GHFA P & D Delegate. GHSRA and GHFA Life Member. No longer actively involved in GHFRA, but still lives locally.

McConnell, John (Junior) (1976-1980s)
FIFA Referee 1991, including World Youth Cup 1991 (Portugal) Had to relinquish FIFA badge following a work transfer to Germany. Is now back living in Sydney.

Murray, Patrick (1989-1992)
After leaving school he joined the Army including overseas service in East Timor. Living in Melbourne.






Oke, Wes (1973+)
Life Member GHFRA. GHFRA Secretary 1985-2000. Remains involved as GHFRA Registrar, GHFRA delegate to NSWSR, NSW Soccer Referees President, NSW Soccer Referees Commission member, Director NSWASF. Retired from active Refereeing.

Owens, Lee (1986-1998)
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education. University Of Sydney. President GHWSA 1994-1998



Peacock, John (GHFRA early 1980s)
Living in Brisbane. FIFA Assistant Referee 2002. After a playing career returned to Refereeing about 1992. Refereeing Queensland 1st Division (XXXX League). NSL linesman, including 2001 Grand Final.

Pickering, John (GHFRA 1983-1994)
Now a police prosecutor.

Porritt, Robert (GHFRA 1993-1995)
Moved to Nepean area, and is a member of Nepean referees. Also a FIFA Futsal Referee.

Prospero, Louis (GHFRA 1981-1983)
Currently President of Soccer Administration of Western Australia and Chairman of Soccer Referees Commission In Western Australia. GHFRA Junior Vice President (U21) and Soccial Committee Member 1983. Moved to Perth, WA in 1984. Joined ASRF (WA) in 1984. Added to NSL AssistantReferees Panel in 1996. On NSL Referees panel 1997-99. Retired from active refereeing in 2000. Member of State Referees Commission in WA as Commissioner of Recruitment and Retention 1999-2001.

Przydacz, Simon (GHFRA 1989+)
Remains a member of GHSRA, but due to his ASRF commitments rarely officiates locally. Has refereed NYL, and acted on 4thOfficial on NSL games. Currently refereeing NSW Premier League.






Ringrose, Barry (GHFRA 1983-2000)
Remains involvedin GHFA through West Pennant Hills club. Has been involved as an inspector in recent seasons.

Ryan, Adrian (GHFRA 1980+)
Remains a GHSRA Member. Retired from active refereeing but still inspects. Retired academic from the University of Sydney. Secretary of NSW Tertiary Education Union.



Sinclair, Don (GHFRA 1981+)
GHSRA President 1991-1994. Living in Victoria but regularly returns to Sydney, and can be found Refereeing for GHSRA on those weekends he is in town.

Sleeman, Joel (GHFRA 1973+)
Remains an active referee with GHSRA. Vetinary Surgeon.

Swan, Alan (GHFRA 1983+)
NWSWS (Formerly GHWSA) Competition Secretary, GHFRA Member, officiated mostly on Sundays near Morrison.



Tasovski, Tony (GHFRA 1976+)
Remains an active member of GHFRA.  Currently works as a Police Prosecutor.  2008 Chairman of the GHFRA Technical Sub-Committee, formerly GHFRA Branch Coach. On EDP/PYL Assessor's Panel.

Tottenham, Leo (GHSRA early 1980s)
Moved to Brisbane in 1985. Refereed in Brisbane until 1995, including the Queensland 1st Division (XXXX League). Currently a Futsal Referee, representing Queensland at 2002 National Titles in Sydney. Working with Arnotts.












Young, Mary (GHFRA 1984+)
High School teacher in Sydney. Remains in touch with GHSRA but other commitments prevent her from Refereeing.







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